Recent International Conferences

9th International Conference at LNCTS Indore


The objective of the 9th International conference is to focus on education, R&D and practical “IC-IRTPMSH” March 10-12  2018, provide a broad platform to bring together researchers, Engineers and industries to exchange and share experience, innovative ideas about the advancement in engineering and science and discuss critical changes encountered and solutions adopted. The aim of the conference is to bring scientists, researchers, professionals, teachers and students to exchange their views and knowledge in the area of technologies in engineering and science. It is proposed to have invited talks and contributed papers in oral and posters sessions on these topics.

Theme:-Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, Science And Humanities

We welcome students and young scientists to the conference. In order to attract their participation we will be offering short courses targeted specifically at early career researchers as well as prizes for outstanding student presentations.

Our Organizing Committee represents major teaching and research institutions:

WFST have been conducted nearly 20 plus conferences and seminar all over the world. usually WFST conduct one or two conference in a year in all disciplines.

Previous Conference Name list

Malaysia Conferences 2017

9th Asia-Pacific Global Summit on Healthcare & Immunology

Kualalumpur, Malaysia

10th Global Orthopedicians Annual Meeting

Kualalumpur, Malaysia

7th International Conference on Addictive Disorders and Alcoholism

Kualalumpur, Malaysia

15th International Conference on Obesity Medicine

Thailand, Bangkok

3rd International Conference on Transcriptomics

Bangkok, Thailand

17th Global Ophthalmology, Optometry and Glaucoma Conference

Bangkok, Thailand

World Congress on Endocrinology and Metabolic Disorders

Auckland, Newzealand

2nd International Conference on Thyroid and Fertility

Auckland, Newzealand

2nd International Conference on General Practice & Primary Care

Zurich, Switzerland

16th World Congress on Nutrition and Food Chemistry

Zurich, Switzerland

9th International Conference on Structural Biology

Zurich, Switzerland

4th International Conference on Clinical Trials

San Antonio, Texas, USA
(10 Plenary Forums – 1 Event)

28th International Conference on Family Nursing and Healthcare

San Antonio,Texas, USA

3rd International Conference on Wound Care, Tissue Repair & Regenerative Medicine

Dallas, Texas, USA


28th International Conference on Psychiatry & Mental Health

Melbourne, Australia

21st World Congress on Nursing Pharmacology and Nursing Education

Melbourne, Australia

14th Asia Pacific Oncologists Annual Meeting

Melbourne, Australia

17th Global Neuroscience Conference

Osaka, Japan

2nd International Conference on Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Osaka, Japan

4th International Biomedical Engineering Conference

12-14 August 2017

Osaka, Japan

WFST Virtual University

World Federation Science & Technology has initiated the WFST Virtual University operating from the United Kingdom for the wellness and career advancements of the Individuals. WFST has been recognized globally and this initiative will also be supported by WFST Headquarters. Various courses are being executed with the help of SME (Subject Matter Experts) & Professors from various countries who serve WFST on a barter basis in both online and some physical classes.

Diploma & Post-Graduate Diploma, Certification Programme will be hosted by WFST VU on various areas also including the following:

  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Digital Marketing – SEO & SEM
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Business Tools for eCommerce
  • HTML5 & CSS

Enterprise Architecture

EA “Enterprise Architecture” considered as a best practice, for a multi-disciplinary, workflow enables to plan for a smooth transformation of an organisation using a strategic analysis, also EA is a professional work and proceeding of a practice to assist enterprises in solution designing to achieve the future business objectives. Today’s the rapid-changing of business operating models and technology options are evolving at an ever-increasing rate, and EA enables organizations to move up of the curve. However, what does the future really hold for Enterprise Architecture as Academic Credentials? It is clear that there is a major difference between academic credential and professional practice of EA.  The professional practices are ‘certain course of actions” prove the competence’ or ‘power of expertise’ whereas academic credentials almost not.  Certification is only a prove to make its holder more valuable as a worker or employee. It immediately recognises evidence and skill set credibility when trying to have a new vacancy or job and considered as an advantage in career advancement