World Federation of Science & Technology (Since 2017) aimpurely in the development of knowledge in all the means of the sharing the knowledge among the people and enhancing the wide research capabilities of the individuals. Criteria for being a member of this society is highly relaxed so that even the members around the average line could be as a member and share their views on a particular concept or technology. This is non profit and we are self working organisation working for research development for small support for organisation who working for RandD. It’s headed by Neetesh Kumar India, having different chapter like India ,US , Newzealand, Thailand , South Asia. We did not take any funds from any organisation.

WFST is a Professional Body which approves members after reviewing the case by case. Offering free of charge a membership will be good for holding the name, but to note it down the actions of the society will not be up to the mark. WFST is a not for profit autonomous International Research Organisation and learned society focusing on improving the quality of Research Globally.

WFST organises International Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Symposia’s where the platform for sharing the knowledge among the people will be facilitated. WFST also provides Technically Sponsorship and Technical Co-sponsorship for various Conferences held by various organisations and institutions. There are various grants available for the members.